Taco Pica Worker Co-operative is a family restaurant that opened its doors in 1994. It began with a vision to share latin culture and food with the people of Saint John. Through its authentic Mexican, Guatemalan and Spanish food Taco Pica has developed a wonderful clientele who have continued to dine with us for the past 18 years. Since then and with the help of the latin community, Taco Pica has ignited the SALSA FIESTA CRAZE in Saint John.

Taco Pica continues to provide quality food and a dinning experience reminiscent of Latin America. Join us for an excellent meal, some great service and a wonderful night out in Uptown Saint John.

Taco Pica Restaurant (Worker Co-operative) is owned and operated by it's three members Santos Ruyan, Fernando & Flor Bregel. Staff includes: Rachel Lawton, Cristina & Kevin Bregel.

Gracias amigos!